Draenei priest about to sacrifice an orc


“The nearness of the Void here is comforting. I was used in a sacrifice of many creatures in a place like this. Every death brought us closer to the complete corruption of this world.” – Xal’Atath


Half-Elf Finished

Got done adding the finishing touches to this Blood Elf commission earlier and the client is happy, so I can post her now :3 Put more time than I initially meant to into the BG, but it was really good practice in an area that could use it. There were so many different textures across this character and her gear …

Artsnacks 2016 Travel Collection Review

Reviews for all of the art supplies that came with the ArtSnacks 2016 Travel Collection box, my overall opinion of the collection, and an explanation as to why I may not buy more in the future.

Artsnacks 2016 InkTober Collection Review

This is just an overview of what I thought of the Artsnacks Inktober Collection Box and all of the goodies that came inside, it is also my last Inktober post, I pinky swear 🙂

Pumpkins drawn in ink

Inktober 2016 Tools

Since I already had a bit of a collection of inking tools to use I figured rather than make this list beforehand and try to guess what I would be using all month or being very strict with my materials, that I would throw this list together afterwards. These are not ALL that I used, but just what got used the most.