Draenei priest about to sacrifice an orc


“The nearness of the Void here is comforting. I was used in a sacrifice of many creatures in a place like this. Every death brought us closer to the complete corruption of this world.”Xal'Atath, Blade of the Black Empire

The shadow priest artifact dagger randomly says things to you as you play the game, and in one of her whispers (quoted above) she mentions being used for sacrifice and it sounded extremely badass to me. In response I wanted to draw my chara mid sacrificial-swing, and since it’s somewhat out of character for a shadow priest to be practicing her stabbing I took the artistic liberty of not having her be in shadow form. And Jaina-fied her robes because I’ve always dug that look 🙂

Also, in my mind originally the orc was being held in place by void tendrils, but my priest is almost never shadow and I didn’t know they’d been taken out of the game this expansion 😛 So he is being Mind Bomb-stunned.

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