Half-Elf Demon Hunter

Working on a new comission of a Half-Elf Demon Hunter (World of Warcraft character) and figured I could show my progress and give a little peek into my digital commission process so far:

So how things usually go is a commissioner will send me a character reference and a quick description of what they want for the piece, and then I send them a few gesture drawings based on what they described, like so:

Not extremely detailed or great-looking, they are really just a visual aid help me get a point across. And from there they pick one (in this case, the client likes the right-side gesture) and it moves forward to where this commission is at now. If they are happy with the lines as they are then coloring starts and we’re on our way to a finished piece :3 Otherwise corrections and a bit more back-and-forth happen until the commissioner is happy.

Figured someone might find this interesting, so there you go 🙂

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