Inktober Day 1 – Kitchen Witch Altar

Few firsts with this one. First time inking with a dip-pen, first time editing and uploading a timelapse video to Youtube and first time frankensteining-together a space *just* for recording myself drawing. Normally I just tear apart a desk, but thanks to technical difficulties (my computer can’t handle recording and I hate dismantling other people’s desks) I have started throwing a small recording space together every time I want to make a video 😛

As for the drawing, I’ve had a cute little witch character stuck in my head for a long time and have decided to piece her together over the course of Inktober. Mostly due to it being a slightly Halloween-y theme. Though, I have always wanted her to be a mix of Harry Potter-style witch (magic! and wands! and glitz!) and actual pagan religion (deities, ritual, lifestyle) which is why I have decided to research first and is what the note scribbles on the top of the drawing are. Being non-religious personally means I have some learnin’ to do.

Materials used for this drawing are:

Everything but the Aquash brush came in my Artsnacks Inktober Collection box – which will get it’s own post soon. The paper is super smooth, but also thick enough to handle my inking without bleed through. Pretty happy with it thus far. The dip-pen and I are about to embark on a long and exciting adventure this month, as I have fallen in love with how tiny I can get my details with it. But the Aquash brush may not make a reappearance, the grainy texture doesn’t sit well and I have other gray markers that can fill the role.


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