A stack of 3 jack o lanterns

Inktober Day 12 – Jack O’ Lantern Stack

The top pumpkin’s lines were done with the Pentel Brush Pen, middle using the Kuretake No. 7 Brush Pen and bottom was done in Microns. Piece was done as a kind of demonstration for myself of how I handle the different pens. Probably should have made it into a whole jack o’ lantern totem pole and brought in the dip pen, paint brush and markers 😛 Maybe I will do a page of pumpkins for that later. Really loving drawing pumpkins right now if you haven’t noticed hehe 🙂

My 3 gray Prismacolor markers officially died on this pic 🙁 Sad day! Interesting that they all died at the same time, but not too surprising since they were mostly used for backgrounds like this anyhow.

On the plus side, I do believe I am figuring out how to upload non-ruined pictures into wordpress. Hooray!



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