Ink drawing of a raven for Inktober

Inktober Day 15 – Raven

This was going to be a test using white ink on a completely black raven silhouette, but that would require white ink haha. Forgot I am out of it. So it became a playground for trying new stuff with an inky paintbrush 🙂 And then a quick once-over with a Prismacolor colored pencil, just to see!

Okay, so, about this paint brush I used. It comes in a set and is really inexpensive, but outside of my tiny detail brushes it has become my workhorse this year. Thanks to the Inktober Artsnacks box and previous Artsnacks boxes I now have a couple of very nice paintbrushes and one very expensive ($30) sable-haired brush.. these feel way too precious for playing in ink and I haven’t wanted to use them at all this month.
BRING IN THE GRACE ART SET! The price is right and the shape of the smallest round brush just feels really good in my hand. I guess the point I am trying to make is that they don’t feel precious thanks to their price point, and that they are just a very decent set for learning with.



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