Inktober Day 28 – Witch Mercy

The character in this Inktober drawing is Mercy from the game Overwatch in her cute little witch halloween costume 🙂 Next to Junkrat she is my favorite character if we go by character design alone, but I am absolutely a Mercy main! If anyone reading this plays and would like a Quickplay healer, feel free to add my bnet tag: Militia#1928 😀

This was a ton of fun, and I stuck with the Microns this time to play it safe since I was inking small details in a small (5×8″) sketchbook. Hopefully I will come up with a different recording setup soon though, since a bit of this did end up getting cut out due to me sticking my head in the video LOL. I have a habit of leaning far forward and getting right up on top of my drawings when I am trying to be extra careful (like drawing faces), and recording on my coffee table makes that a leeeettle difficult.

Pumpkin added for festiveness 😀 Happy Halloween ya’ll!



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